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Castle Sulphate Resisting Cement 25Kg

Castle Sulphate Resisting Cement 25Kg

Product Code: 1143

Price:  7.38 (8.86 Inc VAT )

A Portland-fly ash low alkali cement recommended for use in all concrete , mortar and grout below ground or where sulfates are present.
Castle Sulfate-resisting is a packed Portland-fly ash low alkali cement manufactured to comply fully with the requirements of BS EN 197-1 CEM II/B-V class 32,5R (+SR). BS8500 classifies this cement with a +SR suffix to signify its enhanced sulfate resistance.
Sulfates in soils and groundwaters react with the tri-calcium aluminate (C3A) present in most Portland cements causing expansion and ultimate deterioration of the concrete. In order to minimise this reaction the composition of Sulfate-resisting is manufactured to have reduced levels of C3A thus ensuring that it meets the +SR requirements of BS8500. Sulfate-resisting also qualifies as a low alkali cement. This will keep your concrete looking fresh.