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Knauf Frametherm Roll 32

KNAUF Frametherm ROLL 32
For the thermal and acoustic insulation of external and separating walls in timber frame and ‘warm roof’ construction.
FrameTherm Roll consists of a resilient, unfaced, non-combustible glass mineral wool quilt.

FrameTherm Roll 32 has a thermal conductivity of 0.032 W/mK.

FrameTherm Roll is for the thermal insulation of external walls and warm roofs in timber frame construction. FrameTherm Roll is friction fitted between studs and rafters and are 570mm wide to suit commonly used stud and rafter spacings.
FrameTherm Roll can also be used for acoustic insulation in timber framed separating walls.
Three thermal performances
Sized to friction fit between studs at 600mm centres
Easy to handle and install with no gaps between adjacent rolls

Ecose Technology ensures an evironmentally friendly formaldehyde-free binder made from rapidly renewable bio-based materials.

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Knauf Frametherm Roll 32 90mm 5.13sqm
Knauf Frametherm Roll 32 90mm 5.13sqm
37.92 (45.50 Inc VAT )MORE

Knauf Frametherm Roll 32 140mm 3.19sqm
Knauf Frametherm Roll 32 140mm 3.19sqm
37.68 (45.22 Inc VAT )MORE

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